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See How Space-Inspired Fashions Changed Throughout The Years

During the 1960s, space was on everyone’s mind. The US and the USSR seemed to believe that whoever reached the moon first would be declared the world’s leading power. That’s why this era is known as the “space age” in fashion, and it’s fitting that its predominance wavered after the moon landing in 1969. But what characterized this style? For starters, designers began experimenting with new materials like PVC, silver accents, and futuristic silhouettes. Some remnants are still present in today’s collections, so we made a list to show how these trends evolved through the years.

André Courrèges, the pioneer

Few designers represent what space age fashion is all about than André Courrèges. His 1964 collection practically defined the style, marking a before and after in the industry, especially regarding the inclusion of new materials.

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He is considered the first prominent designer to have used plastics and PVC to create garments and accessories. Another of his signature elements was the use of geometric shapes, both in the textiles and in the clothes themselves. This defined what people saw as futuristic.

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