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Astronomy And Astrology: Do Zodiac Signs Have Anything To Do With Modern Science

While many would argue that astrology is the same thing as astronomy, others believe they are far apart and not similar. However, the fact that they have similar names is enough to suspect a similarity in the least. But does your zodiac sign have anything to do with science? Here is everything you need to know.

Going back to the beginning

Just like the other fields we have, both astrology and astronomy have roots that date back centuries. Examining what each field initially meant is the first step to understanding their relationship.

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Astronomy didn’t exist until the late 1600s when Isaac Newton popularized the physical aspects of celestial activities. Astrology, which was part of mainstream science, gradually became a pastime when astronomy took the stage.

What was the initial purpose of astrology?

Astrology was originally used to help farmers know when to plant and harvest. For instance, astrologers could tell that it was time to plant when a particular constellation appeared directly in the sky. It was used as a sort of calendar.

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As time passed, it graduated from being purely scientific to becoming religious. Astrologists began to relate these celestial activities to people. Today, we can easily say that astrology helps people make key life decisions, including work, love, and marriage. 

What about astronomy?

Astronomy was the same as astrology initially. But when it branched out as a different science, astronomy was used to further understand the different activities in the universe- the solar system, stars, and space in general. It never involved religion.

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With the invention of more sophisticated devices like telescopes, astronomy became a science that analyzes the relationship between our planet and the universe. It gave explanations for celestial activities that the Earth experiences.

Drawing the line

Although astronomy emerged from astrology, they are not the same. While astrology is still being pursued as a religion, astronomy is a science. This means that the predictions of astronomers come from a scientific basis.

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As for astronomy, it involves the ‘old school’ practice of studying celestial activities and predicting human affairs. People often get personalized astrological guidance using their birth dates and other details.

A common ground

Both astrology and astronomy involve studying stars, asteroids, outer planets, and galaxies. They both explore the relationships between different celestial bodies. However, the basis of studying is what differentiates both fields today.

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Astrology studies celestial events based on the belief that these discoveries and happenings affect people on Earth. However, astronomy studies the same events to better understand the universe and protect our planet.

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