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Here Are Some Incredible Weather Phenomena Found Throughout The Solar System

There is no shortage of radical changes and extreme natural phenomena here on Earth. Our planet has got everything, from massive hurricanes to severe droughts. Nevertheless, they all pale compared to what goes on on other planets, both in our solar system and in galaxies far, far away. Is rain not always made of water? What do mercury clouds look like? Well, thanks to infrared telescopes and other technologies, we know a bit about how faraway celestial bodies function and what their weather is like. Keep on reading to learn about all this and more!

The star where it doesn’t rain water

New telescopes have given us unprecedented access to outer space. It is wild to think that we know what happens outside our solar system. In fact, we know how storms look thousands of light-years away on the proto-star named HOPS-68. Hint: it doesn’t rain water.

Photo: Vsmith/Wikimedia

The fledgling star is surrounded by a collapsing dust cloud with tiny shards of a green crystal called olivine. The tiny shards swirl and fall, which according to experts, makes it look like it is raining glitter. How pretty is that?

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