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A Peek At the Life Of Astronauts in Space: What Do They Say Are the Highs and Lows?

Traveling to space is seen as one of the coolest journeys anyone can embark on, so it only follows that we idolize astronauts, wishing we had their lives. But how do these astronauts feel about being in space? The bottom line is that the differences between being on our planet and out of it bring about some challenges and joys. In this article, we’ll highlight the highs and lows of working in space. 

Fewer drink options

We’ve never heard of an astronaut getting drunk while transiting because alcoholic drinks aren’t allowed. Drinking alcohol can further alter astronauts’ fluid balance and blood pressure.

Courtesy: Pexels

In 1972, alcohol was proposed as a part of astronauts’ meals, but the public opposed it- so it never even made it to the space station. Now you know what to spoil your astronaut friend with after their space mission.

The coolest pen ever

There are ballpoint pens, and there are fountain pens, but astronauts don’t even operate on any of these frequencies. Astronauts don’t use any of the pens we use on Earth- they have a much cooler option.

Courtesy: The Air Land and Sea Website

Due to the lack of gravity, astronauts use a type of pen patented by the Fisher Pen Company in 1965. These pens use pressurized gas to propel ink, so they can write upside down or in any other position. Isn’t that a real flex?

Getting up close and personal

Have you ever wondered if astronauts can give each other tight hugs in space? Although we don’t know how tight the hugs will be, we know they can hug. However, getting intimate with a fellow astronaut is where the complications set in.

Courtesy: Pexels

Due to microgravity, which can affect the arousal and blood flow of astronauts, staying stable enough to be intimate is difficult. Furthermore, sex is generally not allowed because it can create psychological or ethical issues among the crew.

Cleaning up is a different ball game

This aspect isn’t totally good or bad, depending on if the astronauts like taking showers regularly. Since water is scarce and even costly to transport, astronauts don’t take showers in space.

Courtesy: National Air and Space Museum

Instead, they use wet wipes and pre-formulated soapy water to clean themselves, and then they dry off with towels. To keep their hair clean, they use no-rinse shampoo, and the excess water that escapes from washing their hair is processed into drinking water. 

Staying active, most of the time

Well, this is another good and not-so-good thing about working in space. The average workday for astronauts in space is 16 hours- and they are on call 24 hours per day. That’s not all; they also have to exercise.

Courtesy: ESA

Astronauts must exercise using a stationary bicycle or the treadmill for two hours every day. It’s either that or they face bone and muscle deterioration, making them unable to walk or stand up when they come back to our planet. At least they get to keep fit.

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