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Are You A Virgo? Discover What Your Stars Have Planned For You

In August, you could feel wired and tired at different time; that’s what astrology points out to Virgo kings and queens. Until the 23rd of this month, you’re in Leo season. This means you might feel inclined to do more resting and lounging, but it may also be a good time to follow your muse. In this article, you’ll learn what astrology says about different life aspects.

It’s time for some sexy swagger

Passionate Mars is in Virgo all month; until August 27, a sizzling visit to your sign that happens every two years. You’ll be full of sexy swagger, feeling confident, and enjoying your independence. You’ll love how many people are taking notice of you.

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This is a perfect time to enjoy no-strings flirting without worrying about “where’s this going?” Mars keeps you in the now, and you’re quite content there for the moment. Couples can also channel this intensity into their romance.

Retrograde Venus might bring up old stuff

Romantic Venus is retrograde until September 3, disrupting the harmony of relationships and potentially bringing exes and old drama back into our lives.

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On top of that, Venus is retrograde in Leo and your twelfth house of illusions, healing, and closure. Some deep old wounds could be dredged up this month. Although it’s an opportunity to put that pain to bed, that doesn’t make it any easier to bring up.

Making things official- or ending them

Have you been in a long situation and don’t know how to define it? Well, the answers are here. This August 30 features the month’s rare second full moon, a blue moon. This one, also a super moon, lands in Pisces and your seventh house of partnerships. 

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A percolating alliance, whether professional or romantic, could reach official status. Or you might decide to go in a different direction if a commitment is not working out as you’d hoped. These moonbeams call for honest dialogue with the most important people in your orbit.

There would be some action too

On August 23, the Sun begins its month-long visit to Virgo, waking you up and preparing you for action. Are you feeling inspired to start a passion project or a solo quest, ready to pursue your path again? It’s time to put your personal goals first and get back out there! 

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And with go-getter Mars in Virgo and your first house of appearances until August 27, you could be inspired to play with more head-turning looks, like a bolder hair color or staple pieces in Pantone-forecasted fall hues.

Easy does it, Virgo…oh, and discipline too

The celestial events make this month a perfect window to begin a spiritual practice, like yoga or meditation, or to cultivate an artistic talent. But please pace yourself here, Virgo. The 90-degree square position of the new moon to unpredictable Uranus might ‘push’ you.

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The touchy Uranus is in Taurus and your expansive ninth house. You could overwhelm yourself by pursuing too many options at once—something Virgos often does. Practice a little self-discipline, and don’t bite off more than you can chew.

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