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These Space Terms Are Key To Understanding How The Universe Works

Do you think that talking about space is confusing? Sadly, there isn’t much of a solution for that because it is incredibly puzzling! Even astronomers and astrophysics struggle to explain certain concepts. In addition, there’s a lot that we still don’t know about it. But has difficulty ever stopped humanity from keeping on trying? No. So, it shouldn’t stop you from trying to understand more about it. In truth, some basic terms are not as tough to grasp, and learning those could help everyone better understand what happens beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

Explaining the unexplainable

The term “dark matter” often appears in any explanation about outer space since it’s pretty abundant in the Universe. Nevertheless, few people know what it is. We’ll tell you a secret: experts have no idea, either. We can attempt to explain it, though.

Photo: Smithsonian Institute/Wikimedia Commons

It is material that doesn’t emit light and can take the form of weakly interacting particles or high-energy ones that move randomly. We only know that it exists because of its gravitational attraction, and it amounts to 30.1% of the matter in the Universe.

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