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Get Ready To Be Amazed By Our Solar System’s Odd Phenomena

Why are humans so obsessed with space? The answer is simple: because we know very little about it. Only recently have we managed to see anything beyond our solar system, and what we do know makes no sense at all! Recent discoveries have caused experts to question a few established theories, and astronomers have witnessed planets, stars, and other space objects act in ways that defy the logic of physics as we know it. If you are a fan of outer space, you will love what’s in store. We compiled a list of some of the oddest phenomena in the universe. That we are aware of, at least…

Uranus’s “Frankenstein” moon

Did you know that the Earth is not the only planet in our solar system to have a moon? In fact, overall, our moon game is relatively poor. Jupiter has a whopping 92 of them! However, we are interested in those orbiting Uranus.


You see, the planet has one moon called Miranda, which is unlike any other. Its surface is so uneven that it looks like a patchwork. Experts believe that several substantial impacts caused its appearance since Uranus has also been bashed around quite a bit.

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