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These Science Books Are A Must Read For Anybody Interested In Environmentalism

Climate change is not a new subject, but it has become a pressing matter for many individuals today. Is there someone in your life who really likes learning about the environment? Are they preoccupied with how little is being done to address climate change? Then perhaps you’re in luck because we have collected five of the best books about environmentalism available in the market. You can use this list to figure out the best gift for that important person with particular tastes and also learn a thing or two yourself.

A pioneer of American conservationism

The issue of taking care of the planet might seem like a thing of the present, but environmentalism isn’t a new thing. Aldo Leopold, one of the founding fathers of American conservationism, already called for people to respect nature in the early 1900s.


For Leopold, caring about the environment is simply expanding the ethics of respecting your fellow man to include the land. He argues that the natural world is also part of our communities, and as such, it should be treated with care.

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