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Space Exploration For Young, Aspiring Astronomers: These Space Books Interest And Educate Kids

Space exploration fascinates kids a lot, especially when space topics are explained with illustrations. Encouraging kids’ enthusiasm towards space science and tech is good as it helps them become more enlightened about the Universe. Reading kid-friendly space books helps kids discover their areas of interest. Here are five space books kids would enjoy reading.

Chasing Space: Young Readers’ Edition 

It’s not rocket science that kids love a good story; it interests them to think about what it must have been like to have the experiences in the story. Well, this book tells an exciting true story.

The book, written by Leland Melvin, tells the story of Leland, from being a footballer to an astronaut. The book, which is his memoir, narrates his journey to outer space and back. This book is perfect for kids above the age of 8.

The Search for Wondla

While many non-fiction space books familiarize kids with outer space, fiction books also help them understand space travel. This book, written by Toni DiTerlizzi, is a fictional space book for kids above the age of eight.

Courtesy: Simon&Schuster

The book is about the story of Eva Nine, who had to leave her destroyed underground residence. With the help of new friends she made above ground, Eva decides to know more about herself and where she belongs.

There’s No Place Like Space

There’s practically no age that’s too young for kids to learn about space– this book proves this point. Targeted at younger kids between the ages of 5 and 8, this book was written by Tish Rabe and illustrated by Aristides Ruiz.

Courtesy: Target

The book features rhymes for easy memorization and eye-catching illustrations of the planets, making kids laugh and learn. Although it was published in 1999, the book’s interesting characters make it a timeless introduction to space science.

My First Book of Planets

From the title, you already know the book is for younger kids. Written by Bruce Betts, this book is for kids between ages 3 and 5. It contains up-to-date information on dwarf planets and other space topics.


There are illustrations to further explain interesting facts, and the vocabulary is suitable for younger readers- so you don’t have to explain everything to your kid. The book is a great place to start for your kids to know more about the universe.

Last Day on Mars Series

Written by Kevin Emerson, these three sci-fi books– “Last Day on Mars,” “The Oceans Between Stars,” and “The Shores Beyond Time”– are intriguing. It explores a scenario that we all imagine: the human race fleeing to Mars.

Courtesy: SCBWI

It follows the story of Liam and Phoebe in 2213, long after Earth has been burned to a cinder by the Sun. Scheduled to leave with the last starliner, the duo makes several discoveries about space. These findings threaten mankind’s survival.

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