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Planetary Phenomena: Mercury Retrograde Can Impact Your Mood, and Here’s How

Astrological phenomena are always intriguing; the Mercury retrograde is one of those exciting topics. Astrologers have associated Mercury’s retrograde movement with psychological and behavioral changes in people. What are these behavioral changes? Are they positive or negative? Are they really caused by Mercury retrograde? This article will answer these questions and more.

What does it mean for Mercury to be in retrograde?

As you may have guessed from the name, Mercury retrograde is when the planet seems to be moving backward in its orbit around the sun. Interestingly, Mercury isn’t orbiting backward– the illusion is caused by the Sun, Earth, and Mercury’s relative positions.

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You may wonder why we’re talking about Mercury retrograde now- the phenomenon will happen soon. The Mercury retrograde dates for this year are 1st – 24th April, 4th – 27th August, and 25th November – 15th December.

How does Mercury Retrograde affect individuals?

According to astrologers, Mercury is the planet in control of communication and expression. The planet’s retrograde motion is believed to have a negative impact on individuals by disrupting communication and spoiling people’s moods.

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More particularly, the effects of Mercury’s retrograde motion are miscommunication, delayed flights, anxiety, lost emails, brain fog, misunderstandings, headaches, and other logic and travel disruptions.

What will Mercury Retrograde do to your friendships?

As Mercury seems to be orbiting backwards, it might begin to feel like everything is going wrong in your friendships and love relationships. During this period, arguments and issues from the past may begin to come up.

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Mercury’s retrograde motion challenges relationships (whether platonic or romantic) with issues like betrayal, intimacy loss, and cheating. To make your relationships work, you have to work extra hard by being honest and focusing on communication.

Dos and don’ts during Mercury Retrograde

The fact that Mercury’s retrograde motion has been linked to some negative effects doesn’t necessarily imply bad news. It’s a period for you to practice self-care, reflect, and plan for tasks. 

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However, it’s also a period for you not to take things too personally, make any major life changes, start any project that requires a lot of energy, or get into arguments with people. This is because being in a high emotional state might make you vulnerable to regrettable actions.

What if Mercury Retrograde stresses you out?

You need to prepare yourself for Mercury retrograde to avoid the emotional stress associated with the period. This includes learning how to communicate better, looking for growth opportunities, and being more aware of your emotions.

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It’s important to always remind yourself that you can still move forward in all aspects of your life- so feelings of unproductivity and defeat should not be focused on. So, you should not blame your actions and results on something outside your control.

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